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What services do we offer?

Création Site Internet


Geekomedia accompanies you throughout the realization of your website. Our source of proposals will help you to set up your web strategy.

Your new website will increase the visibility of your business and present a valuable return on investment. The website will be a new tool for selling more products at a lower cost than direct sales.

We will be present all along the project to make it a success. 

Make an appointment with us and we can start talking about your project right now!

Rédaction de contenu

Content Writing & SEO

Geekomedia provides tailor-made content writing services, whether or not related to the creation of your website. Content is enriched to ensure optimal SEO and optimization on search engines.

If you are looking for content for your blog or do not know how to highlight your product on your site, we will write the content for you by selecting appropriate keywords relevant to your field of activity.

Do you need existing content to be translated into a new language to acquire new customers? We can offer you all these services as well!

Communication digitale

Digital and Paper Communication

Geekomedia helps you to position your brand or product in all your print and motion design projects. We also offer a range of digital services from Community Management to digital transformation of your company.

For example, we can help you for setting up all kinds of forms for your business or file creation that will help to manage your business.

For some services, we call professionals partners.


Other Services

Geekomedia also offers other services with professional partners such as graphic designers, photographers, printers, etc.

Specialized in tourism industry, we also offer the connection of your hotel or guesthouse to software such as Channel Manager, property management system or point of sales system.

We can also advise and coach you on all aspects of quality and customer service for your business.

Experience at your service

More than 20 years of experience in Management functions have helped to understand the business needs of clients. Your project is our showcase too, which is why we support you in your project as if we were part of your company.

Over the past 5 years, we have acquired all the skills necessary to meet your needs. This job is our passion above all! We continue to train ourselves to advise you and give you the best tools in the market and the best options to reach your goal.

Small and medium-sized companies, self-employed persons, liberal professions or social organizations, we undertake to realize what best suits your demand. We define your objectives together, taking into account your budget and your requirements.

Step-by-steps guide to make your first website with Geekomedia

The first step of our work is to listen to your needs and the goals you want to achieve during this project. During this meeting, face to face or via Skype, we take the time to explain the different options.

During this first contact, we set all the technical and strategic parts of the project. A clear and detailed quote is given to you in the next following days. If necessary, we review some items and carry out any adjustments that will make it possible to find the perfect agreement between you and us.

You have now decided to work with Geekomedia, so we will proceed to a series of actions in order to set up the creation of your website. The first steps are to set up the purchasing & hosting of your domain name and your website, creating email addresses and then installing WordPress as CMS (Content Management System). Then we add extensions (plugins) according to your specifications and we prepare the user interface of WordPress.

The design phase consists of showing you and then developing the pages of your site that we discussed during the analyzing phase. The content (texts/images) is either delivered by you or created by our agency according to your requirements. Design will be the result of special requests from you or the creativity of our designer to offer you a clear and professional website, corresponding to market trends.

For images, we ensure the shooting or editing of your photos. For texts, we master the formatting, the rhythm of the paragraphs, the styles (H1, H2 etc.) for better readability, as well as the total or partial rewriting in order to have an effective argument, and relevant keywords for SEO.

Both on design and content, we will control all aspects of the site so that it is absolutely perfect before you submit it.

For the design, we will technically make the necessary to make your website fast, fluid and performant. Next, we will also control the visibility of pages on other media such as a tablet and a smartphone. Your site will be responsive.

Finally, we will proceed with the keyword optimization on your pages in order to achieve the fixed investment objectives (first page of Google) in the two to six months following this first release. The durability of this optimal placement is ensured by this so-called “natural referencing” technique, the most efficient and least expensive.

Just prior to the launch of your website, we will of course submit you the work done and validate it with you, page by page, section by section. After some changes and/or adjustments, we then proceed to the publication of your site and submission of your domain on the various search engines.

You test the site, share it with family, friends and share your experience to complete your new communication tool!

During the first month, Geekomedia is committed to quality control and possibly making some changes to your site. We also take the time to accompany you and train you so that you can manage the administration of your site.

If you prefer to entrust us with the management of your site, we also offer maintenance packages that consist of making the changes for you but also to update your site on a regular basis so that the performance and security of your site remain optimal.